Why do you care Alexa rank? How is that number meaningful to you as a webmaster? Just asking, you know, learning something new every day..


hmm.. I was looking at other blogs I have.. I didn't do any changes and everything is the same. I can relate this drop to the internal links. Even if it's just a few... I...

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Well, related to the fact that even now, Digital Marketing is a very important aspect of every single project, I don’t think that something will change in the future. How...


Re: SEO problem

by @Ariamis (20), 2 years ago

As I know, they do not like when people use paid backlinks for their websites, and they punish those who do so. Don't use too many keywords. Using precise repetitions of...


Is it much more profitable to buy a proxy package in comparison with a piece purchase?


This depends on your niche. Some niches can write perfect content, which will be linked by others. If your niche is very commercial, this method often does not work. Then...


The downturn may not be due to your internal linking building, there was an algorithm update rolled out in June 2021, which may partially be caused by these algorithm upd...


@chr15athone this is really terrible situation. You should never start/run a business that depends on the mercy of google, because this is exactly what happens sometimes...