Price or Rate in the Title/Description

by @mktonline (280), 6 months ago

Is the right way if someone uses Price/Rate in the Title/Description from an SEO perspective? please suggest to me about Onpage strategy

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by @binayjha (2459), 6 months ago

If you believe your audience may search your product or service together with price then you can use it in the page title and meta description.

I believe, people do not search a product in search engines like Google together with price. So, using price in title/meta will not benefit in terms of SEO.

You can consider using it in terms of UX.

by @ms (3167), 6 months ago

Personally, I would not use price in the title. Often it also means having price in URL and as we know, prices are subject to change.

Would you redirect old price URL to a new price URL? Or simply show a 404 for the same product just because its price has changed?

Titles are indexed and are crucial in SERPs. If you change price, you want serp to reflect it ASAP but you'd have no control over it.

It's up to you, just don't do it ;)

by @mktonline (280), 6 months ago

Could you please tell me on thing more? If there are around 10 categories and 10 subcategories on a site. And single category has many variants like | | |

and the same problem with all categories and subcategories. What is the right solution for it in the eCommerce Magento site?

If I redirect them to a single page. Is it risky?

by @ms (3167), 6 months ago

If the content on all of those URLs is identical, I'd redirect it. I'd also fix the issue as this obviously is an issue - there is no reason to have both /ladies and /ladies.html showing identical page at the same time.

by @mktonline (280), 6 months ago

/ladies/ | /ladies.html | /ladies. | /ladies--- | and many more variants. and sitemap counts these 500+ pages as 2500+ pages. One thing more

It has 500+ best product pages including about/home/contact pages. If I delete all duplicate pages, then What steps do I need to complete? Do you have experience in the Magento CMS?

by @LoisBrown (115), 2 months ago

I believe, people do not search a product in search engines like Google together with price.

by @ms (3167), 2 months ago

If your goal is to display the price of your product, you should use appropriate "rich snippet" property. Price may change and with the snippet, you can define timeframe during which the price is valid.

On the other side, you can't control when Google finds out your description has changed and updates your SERP appearance.

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