I'm working with a client on a content-based website. He outlined a strategy to use 200 redirects for primary keywords instead of 301s. He asked to Ensure all internal li...


This is my first post here, so please be kind :) Anyway, here is my case: A few months ago (in August to be exact) our ecommerce site underwent a massive change. Other th...


Hey everyone. my website language is in Farsi but my brand name is in English which i added to all my title tags. my English and Farsi brand name are the same. they're ju...

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My website'e thank you page has more than 85% bounce. This is affecting my website's overall bounce rate. How do I resolve this? I would like to Google analytics to ignor...


I was wondering what is the actual pages of your website do you want and need google to crawl as i have 195 pages with low content but that comes from filter pages do i s...

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