What change do you think Google will come up with in 2021 with respect to SEO changes and and how would it impact current ranks of websites.


Let's get open to the community. Everyone is invited to share their secret SEO tip or trick which they discovered and worked really well.


Hi, I'm Nandini from India. I'm a newcomer to the SEO industry. I'm facing problems in selecting singular and plural terms. Suppose, my long-tail keyword is 'top 10 stain...

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Hello everyone, I have two domains for one website, and I have redirected one of the domains to the one that I want to show up on google as the main website. The issue is...


H1 tag on page

by @Imic (116), 4 months ago

Hi guys, glad to have joined the community. I have double H1 tags on every page is what I realized. It seems this is coming with the WP template I'm using. I have a produ...