Hi, recently I have noticed when I post from news site that google is basically not list/ignoring any articles/titles that include the word COVID-19 or coronavirus. Why i...


Situation Our website (approx. 3000 pages) contains multiple regional versions of the same page (eg. en-US and en-GB). Correct href lang tags are setup in the sitemap.xml...


Yes, it’s true that Google is going to support a New COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema in search results as in this coronavirus pandemic, everybody is facing issues wh...

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Issue : Google displaying my amp pages for desktop users Problem statement : When i implemented the amp pages for my website (we have home.html for desktop and amp1/home....


Hi! My name is João Antunes and I have a question for you! Do you have any expectations for conversion rate when you have your ecommerce site ranking in very first positi...

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