About Seoforum.com

I want to explain why I decided to launch the Seoforum and what is the mission behind it. I kindly ask you to find one minute of your time and read this, because I think it's important. Thank you in advance.

Not a business in the first place

I spent quiet some time building online communities. In most cases I wasn't successful, but I have learned a lot about how forums work. The most essential fact is, that you can not build community the way you want.
To do just that, I picked my favorite PHP framework (Laravel) to build it out from scratch and started with super simple features first. Posting, editing, viewing posts ... It's been a challenge from the start, as I was always looking elsewhere, reverse engineering different forum softwares and often realising, Heck, I should use that instead of creating something on my own. It takes time, and it will never be so good. But I never give up