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by @ms (4012), 6 years ago

SEO Forum has been developed by a bot human being. Bots People make mistakes. Therefore, seoforum surely has some bugs and eventually may throw an unexpected error or behave the way it should not.

The best thing you can do in such a scenario:

  1. Navigate to this thread (Site Issues and Errors)
  2. Post issue you experienced here.

OR (if you want it to be more of a discussion than a plain issue report)

  1. Create new thread
  2. Tag it Meta & Site Issues and Errors
  3. Post issue in separate thread.

I will do my best to fix it ASAP.

Thank you for reporting!

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by @nmiller (147), 6 years ago

Categories were messed up a little bit, but it looks alright now. Maybe it's been already fixed? Other than that, it looks good to me.

Good work guys!

by @nmiller (147), 5 years ago

Default Sort replies: says Chronological, but I think it should be oldest first. Now you have newest reply on top.

by @ms (4012), 5 years ago

@nmiller good catch. Default reply order should be indeed oldest first.

by @MarkusMay (136), 4 years ago

Issues I found so far:

Blog Active Item in Navbar is wrong. Active should be on the item blog not feed. enter image description here

Leaderboard has several issues. enter image description here

Mobile Navbar is bad designed Make the button to the top and w-100. Also place small items like notifications next to each other instead of below/above. enter image description here

  • some pages go out of the screen size on smartphones
  • Stats, Newsletter link in footer is not working (but I think this is on purpose)

:) However the design is quite amazing on desktop and the site looks quite nice!

by @ms (4012), 4 years ago

Fixed smartphone layout a little bit @MarkusMay. As always, feedback highly appreciated.

On to next few fixes.

by @bomb (165), 3 years ago
  1. Help me change my username to bomb @ms
  2. Common Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I should be enabled/activated.
  3. Maybe it is just me, but I love breadcrumbs!! :-)
  4. Can we have a switch for Dark and Light mode? ooops....these are more of features than errors!!
by @binayjha (4999), 2 years ago

I have a smoother experience so far...

by @binayjha (4999), 1 year ago

Under the notification bell-icon, Show All link takes to a server error page.
by @Marcom (119), 6 months ago

Report Button not working (Firefox, MacOS)

by @binayjha (4999), 3 months ago

User profile page links are not working. Throwing, Internal Server Error - 500.

by @ms (4012), 3 months ago

Thanks @binayjha !


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