Site Issues and Errors

dummy imageby @ms (237), 11 months ago Meta Site issues and errors

SEO Forum has been developed by people. People make mistakes. Therefore, SEO Forum surely has some bugs and eventually may throw an unexpected error or behave the way it is not intended to.

The best thing you can do in such a scenario:

  1. Navigate to this thread (Site Issues and Errors)
  2. Post issue you experienced here.

OR (if you want it to be more of a discussion than a plain issue report)

  1. Create new thread
  2. Tag it Meta & Site Issues and Errors
  3. Post issue in separate thread.

We will do our best to fix it ASAP.

Thank you for reporting!

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dummy image@nmiller (141), 11 months ago

Categories were messed up a little bit, but it looks alright now. Maybe it's been already fixed? Other than that, it looks good to me.

Good work guys!