A shop installed AMP. I see the mobile conversion going down, more than 15% So the owner wants to get it removed. However the pages are indexed well in Google. Is the bes...


Forum downtime

by @ms (3614), 4 months ago

I am sorry for the recent forum downtime. Our hosting provider was moving our stuff across their infrastructure so we had to accept some downtime on our end. It was plann...


Hi there, My name is Jon DuVall and I am new to the community. Glad to be here! I have a general question related to homepage meta titles and SEO. In this case, I am work...


Hi everyone, we will have spots available for your Ads starting June 1st 2023. That's less than two weeks from now. If you're interested, hit me up or reply here in threa...


We will have Ad spots available on the forum starting May 1st 2023. Feel free to hit me up in advance so we can prepare everything and start serving your ads in ~2 weeks.

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