Hi guys, Has anyone got this problem before? When searching my brand key 'dareplay' on Google, it shows ''400. failed to fetch'' at the meta title and meta description po...


During the last few days we went through all reports and cleaned up the forum a little bit. I was surprised how many spammy/promo threads (with links) still made it to th...


Server upgrade

by @ms (3172), 4 months ago

We are migrating to a new server today. The process may cause website unavailability for some so please, be patient. We will be back shortly ;)


Ad spots available

by @ms (3172), 7 months ago

Hello SEOs. Today, I want to announce that our long term partner and advertiser - Zutrix will leave the Ad spots at Seoforum. After 17 months, the top spots will be avail...


Hello everyone, I want to apologize for our server outage yesterday. It took nearly two hours for our provider to fix it, but there was no way for us to do anything else...

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