May 16, 2024

SEO issue

michaelcrook published thread SEO issue


I migrated my Blogger site to WordPress and I'm having issues with SEO. Until I migrated, I had it set so that search engines couldn't crawl my site. I changed those instructions with the migration.

Now, my website comes up second in the results for my name, but individual posts don't automatically post. I have to manually add them through Google Webmasters and they show up 12-14 hours later. I have ping enabled and sitemap is recognized, but Google then says it can't crawl the sitemap.

This is getting very stressful and any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

May 15, 2024

Conflict with SEO

michaelcrook published thread Conflict with SEO


I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress and I'm having trouble with SEO. My site's homepage is indexed and I'm showing at the top of the results for that. However, I try to index my posts and Google Tools tells me my meta tags (noindex) are blocking them from indexing. Problem is, there's nothing blocking them. There is no noindex tag and robots.txt is not blocking them.

Can anyone offer any advice? The website is Any help would be appreciated even if I have to pay for it. Thanks in advance.




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