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by @michaelcrook (140), 1 week ago


I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress and I'm having trouble with SEO. My site's homepage is indexed and I'm showing at the top of the results for that. However, I try to index my posts and Google Tools tells me my meta tags (noindex) are blocking them from indexing. Problem is, there's nothing blocking them. There is no noindex tag and robots.txt is not blocking them.

Can anyone offer any advice? The website is michaelcrook.org. Any help would be appreciated even if I have to pay for it. Thanks in advance.

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by @CarricoSEO (115), 6 days ago

@michaelcrook Sorry all of these AI generated spammers are providing comments that do not help in any sort of way. It's pretty gross the @admins don't seem to be managing them.

Anyways, to help - I checked your pages, and I agree, I could not find any sort of "noindex" or issues with your robots.txt file.

One thought I had was

  1. I'm unsure what you mean by "Google Tools", but I would check one of your pages via Google Search console and inspect the page. Google "recrawl URL google" for a guide. If that is the tool that is telling you it's noindex via meta tags, then you likely have a more complex thing going on. I would check your crawl stats report in GSC to see if the robots.txt is failing or some other issue.

  2. Try adding any actual "index, follow" tag to the page. Unsure if this would help, but it could.

Likely won't help, but you could give it a shot!

by @CarricoSEO (115), 6 days ago

Woah.. That message got messed up. Of course you can't edit your post on here lol. Love it.

Anyways, here is the code I was trying to provide you:

by @CarricoSEO (115), 6 days ago

Welp, their code doesn't work either. Love it even more. Great site.

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