My competition has copied my brand name with a small change. He/She has just changed the tld, mine is ".pk" and he's working on ".com.pk". He's litera...


Hello everyone, Whenever I search any keywords on the Google search engine our competitor list is shown below "Nearby shop" map feature. Could you please help m...


Based on the last update Google, it announced that the opener time is a Local listing factor of [Local SEO]


H1 header question

by @lexer (176), 5 months ago

hi guys, first post and its a rather odd question I never really considered. 1) Does the actual color of the H1 tag matter? example white vs black? 2) should the page tit...


One of the google business profile listing with the name of "Blood Bank Kailash Hospital" which is located within a main listing is showing above the main listi...

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