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following a hacking of one of my Wordpress sites, a multitude of pages in Japanese or Chinese were referenced by Google on the domain of this site. I deleted all pages of the site (and therefore those in Japanese) with the Google search console deletion tool. Consequently, no more page of my site is referenced. I resubmitted my sitemap of my site hoping that the pages of the site would be reindexed, without success. Is there a way to reference the pages of the site again and fairly quickly, please? Thank you for your enlightenment. Cordially

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by @binayjha (2050), 1 week ago
  • Be double sure that your server is clean now.
  • After cleaning server, reset all passwords.
  • Upload clean files to the server and make the website live again.
  • Go to Security & Manual Actions section in Google Search Console. Apply for reconsideration.

Hope above points can help you in it.

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