Give it some time. If the old result is showing up, the new info isn't indexed yet.


You can achieve it but need more resources or a complete Digital Marketing team to do this.

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You're missing out on the potential rankings and traffic your old product pages had. As @jaap pointed out in his reply above, make that traffic and pages work for you. Ei...


Just deleting products is a tricky business. If they have backlinks or were indexed I always prefer a 301. Or to a related product, otherwise to the homepage.


It was an old product that was sold before, and it is no longer for sale, so I deleted those product pages, but the google search console still shows


I'd say, it depends... Are those pages old products that used to be for sale and are not available anymore? If so, chances are you are still receiving traffic on these pr...


Explore the various options provided there. Whole category or a folder' cache can be deleted with single assignment by using the feature, remove all URLs starts with...


This will be a long term task, I am trying to use this feature, but I am limited, there is a limit on the number of daily deletions