How to fix error 400. Failed to fetch in SERP

by @thepirate263 (123), 10 months ago

Hi guys,

Has anyone got this problem before?

When searching my brand key 'dareplay' on Google, it shows ''400. failed to fetch'' at the meta title and meta description position. And the icon next to the domain is not our favicon (please see the image)

enter image description here

I have searched on internet but can't find any solution for this.

Seem like somethings blocked the bot. The robot.txt is fine. Do you guys have any suggestion for this case?

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by @binayjha (3800), 10 months ago

It looks the website has been hacked and external code has been injected. Check for it in Google Search Console's Security & Manual Actions. How I suspected so is, I checked the source in Google's cache of your website,

For solution, contact your developer to fix the issues. After fixing, submit the site for reconsideration using Google Search Console.

Hope you will have a smile by following these.

by @thepirate263 (123), 10 months ago

I checked GSC security, there is no issue there. Do you have any other idea? Thank you

by @binayjha (3800), 10 months ago

Please ask your developer to check the code of files available on the server. Developer can resolve the issue.

by @Djohnavid021 (180), 10 months ago

Whether you're dealing with a 500 or 400 status code on a third party website, the best way to fix these errors is to visit the website regularly and check for any updates or fixes. It's also important to make sure that Googlebot has access to the pages. Whenever Googlebot can't access a page, that page should receive a proper 404 error code.

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