How to Plan Content Marketing Strategy with Google E-A-T?

by @richardfernando9706 (84), 6 months ago

As an SEO expert, you'll be having a better knowledge of technical SEO terminologies.

If you have come across the concept of E-A-T and found yourself confused by the working of E-A-T, no worries!

E-A-T is the short form of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google E-A-T is a principle that Google introduced to find the quality of the web page.

Once I started my research on Google E-A-T. I came to know that many people have a bad understanding of E-A-T. This leads to many misconceptions spreading around the internet on Google E-A-T.

Then, I decided to write a blog on Google E-A-T myths. Because a single blog with all major misconceptions can get a better understanding of Google E-A-T and also this was the only option to demystify those myths. Some of the Google E-A-T myths are

  1. Google E-A-T is an Algorithm

  2. There is an E-A-T Score to Measure E-A-T

  3. Google E-A-T is a Ranking Factor

Similarly, there are 14 Google E-A-T myths I have found and explained more briefly in the blog.

Every SEOs and blogger must be aware of these Google E-A-T Myths to avoid any major things before happening. Especially it helps bloggers to write the content with E-A-T.

So, checking out my recently published blog "14 Google E-A-T Myths in 2022" in SERPPLE helps you to gain a clear understanding of E-A-T.

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by @binayjha (2459), 6 months ago

Thanks for reminding the infamous Medic Update in August 2018.

by @Sawatarman (55), 2 months ago

You can't even imagine how many similar short posts I've read from all sorts of content makers who advertise themselves on Instagram

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