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by @Jennyase (124), 2 weeks ago

Hi I want to know more on backlink studies

Thank you

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by @binayjha (2050), 2 weeks ago

It looks, site name has been assigned as Eyelash Serum in the WordPress setting section. Otherwise, you might require to contact your developer.

by @Gamerseo (975), 1 week ago

If you want to know more then I recommend you find some research on this topic.

by @binayjha (2050), 1 week ago

The original question has been edited and have been made completely different question. I request to the admin to not to allow this. Look, my answer above has become totally irrelevant now.

by @ms (3053), 1 week ago

I've been looking into that - your answer seemed weird given zero amount of details by OP.

Not sure what would work here. Either edit log so you can see older versions of the question or no editing at all, which sometime could be pain.

Either way, I can clearly see the issue with this one.

by @binayjha (2050), 1 week ago

@ms Older question should be restored and new one should be posted as a new thread. The relevant answers should be moved accordingly. I am unable to guess, what are the possibilities!

by @ms (3053), 1 week ago

Most users correct typos/add more details/links etc. using Editing. If new thread was created each time they update their question, we would end up having so many similar threads with very little difference.

Doesn't sound like possible solution to this issue.

by @binayjha (2050), 1 week ago

Agree with you @ms, I didn't talk in general. I talked for this case here.

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