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I have checked for the following Search console for Manual Penalty Duplicate content

pinki kumari

Hi, everyone I only heard about white hat SEO, I have been no idea about black hat SEO. Give me some ideas or opinions about black hat SEO, what is this?


We are using an SEO scanner, and it constantly tells us off for having duplicate H1 tags, but it is purely down to the Category of products, such as T-Shirts, which if yo...


This is my first post here, so please be kind :) Anyway, here is my case: A few months ago (in August to be exact) our ecommerce site underwent a massive change. Other th...

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If someone is updating their product names on their website, and it is making their product URLs change too, there are 1000s of products so I can't check all of them manu...


Hello and thanks in advance. I'm well aware of the difference between the pros and cons of long-tailed vs. short-tailed keywords from an analysis standpoint of keyword va...


what are some other off-page SEO strategies we can use to increase visitors apart from guest posting and blogging and other off-page activities?