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by @ms (3614), 1 year ago

Hello SEOs.

Today, I want to announce that our long term partner and advertiser - Zutrix will leave the Ad spots at Seoforum.

After 17 months, the top spots will be available for your advertising again.

While the price of the ads is on the low end, it help us pay our expenses like moderation, hosting, domain renewals and future development of the forums. We are looking for a partner with product that will be good fit for our members, so both parties can leverage max value out of it.

Feel free to hit me up using our contact page and we will work out a deal that will work for you.

Thank you for being part of the Seoforum!

Posted by Martin Senko

PHP (Laravel) backend programmer and data-oriented SEO explorer. Seoforum is my hobby project where I develop, discuss and take care of members comfort. Feel free to post under Meta if you need anything. Or report bugs here

Easy way to contact me directly: scroll down, visit Contact Us page and hit me up with your email.

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by @binayjha (4117), 1 year ago

Ok @ms (2532), noted.