Hi, My wife has started a new website, http://www.dreamhome.dk We have tried google adwords, and get some "click" from there - but not any sales/customers. We h...


I have noticed since 8 months that keywords are not ranking in google search engine. any ideas that this covid situation effect keywords rankings


Usually, when I compare Google Search console number of clicks to Google Analytics number of sessions, the number of the clicks is slightly high and that's reasonable bec...

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Quick question: how can I have a sudden DROP in the average position but a sudden SPIKE in impressions? Is this even logical? Happened the second week of March 2021. See...


Hello, We have a WordPress website. Our website added in SEMRUSH tool. SEMRUSH shows some warning message that is "h1 and title tags have duplicate content"....


Can anyone shed some light on how a business can do check-ins within Google, after completing services at a location, in an effort to improve local business listing resul...


for some pages, the serach console shows me: Indexed, not submitted in sitemap can my site still be viewed on serp with no problem?


I received these 3 Issues Content wider than screen Text too small to read Clickable elements too close together


There are many opinions about siloing. My question is whether it is the best way of navigation for a webshop. For visitors and search engines? Or are there better solutio...


I have a website and my landing pages have rate stars. I see all landing with star rate result in SERP except this page : https://iromart.com/round-bar/ why??