I am running a motorhome site finder which has a map and when a user clicks on a campsite icon and "read more" link they will be taken to a campSite.php page wh...


Hi everyone, We would like to completely restructure our URLs. At the moment I got the question from IT if it would be harmful for SEO if they just switch all URLs to a n...


We're currently running two separate sites, one being the "main" page for B2B customers and the other being an online shop targeting B2C customers. Site structu...

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Auditing my website I get 'Duplicate Meta Titles' SEO Errors. I have listings of accommodation archives as 'pagination pages' with same URL but diff...


Hello Everyone, We need help regarding one website open in with multiple domain names. This is good for SEO strategy to improve the ranking otherwise we need to change th...

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