Page duplicate nightmare. HELP!

by @dbuckingham (112), 1 month ago


I have been apart of an implementation of a website for an ecommerce company that used a building platform called "PartTrap". PartTrap specializes in databasing super complicated product relationships. Unfortunately, they offer no control over 301 redirects or canonicals for pages. It's all managed from their server. I'm no SEO expert, but this seems like bad practice in my opinion. Can someone tell me if I am wrong in thinking that this needs to be addressed? They claim that they follow current SEO standards, but I just don't buy it.

Here's what's going on. Each product page has at minimum 5 unique URLs. They seem to be appending the product page URL with different subdirectories based on the products placement in the website. Meaning that if I create a relationship between this product and say 10 other products, that this product would have 11 unique URLs. The problem is, since they control the canonicals, I would ASSUME that all of these duplicated pages would all point to 1 canonical.... But they don't. Instead, each page's canonical is just equivalent to the accessed page URL. I have attached an image of these URLs/canonicals in a spreadsheet, and you can clearly see that all page meta titles are exactly the same (meaning the same product page), and with this specific product there are 20 unique URLs that have a canonical that is equivalent to the accessed page URL. Is this normal? Or proper? I appreciate any guidance that can be offered. Thanks a million!

bad urls

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by @binayjha (4684), 1 month ago

Duplicate content must be avoided on a website to score better in SEO.

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