Hi, My website recently has increased significantly amount of page views (x5 daily, and non-stop since May), however, the unique pageviews metric didn’t increase. It caus...


Hi, sorry if this is a "stupid question". If I put "read more" on my blog post and people click that link, there will count as direct traffic or refer...


Hello, my office is tasked me to learn about SEO and use it on the website. They are training me but it is really slow and takes a lot of time to get the result. Could an...

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I am looking for a website so i can analyse a website such as their backlinks, how many people can go on their website per day and mostly what country do people click on...


Hello everyone. 2 weeks ago my website's DR on Ahrefs was constantly 49. Then, surprisingly enough, it lifted up to 58 and just after a day, it dropped down to 49 and the...

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