Jun 21, 2024

Issue Related To SEO And PPC

MichaelSEO911 published thread Issue Related To SEO And PPC

Hello, Everyone. There has been an issue on my website for the past months. I was working for a client in the USA who works in the home inspection industry when our team got the project; we were running Google ADS for it and Were doing SEO for it; we saw at the start that its spam score was 61% on MOZ, we disavowed all of the necessary Backlinks that could affect our SEO, then later on a Japanese virus attacked the website, where rapidly pages were generated and used to get indexed, so we removed the virus through WordPress blocked the pages on robots.txt, and then we got to know our theme was causing the issue which penetrated the virus we then changed our hosting to wp engine and revamped the whole website with new paid themes and elements, but the domain remained the same. Now the issue is that the Google ADS are getting paused again and again, we contacted Google ADS support Team they told us that we have a specific URL (search[.]aimaltrug[.]live) on your website, causing the Google ADS to pause. We contacted our web team, and they did the following steps but couldn't find this link anywhere 1) Scanned site thoroughly 2) Scanned code files 3) manually check all pages 4) Manually check database 5) Talk to WP Engine support. They scanned the site, but they could not find anything. We checked this URL through multiple audit tools and couldn't find this external link on our website. Has anyone else faced this issue? Can anyone help us find out where the problem is and how to solve this issue where ads are paused?



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