Consider conducting an SEO audit to identify potential issues affecting your website and site pages. Make sure your content is optimized, relevant, and follows current SE...


It's too early to tell as the images are getting better and better rapidly. As a rule of thumb, Google will always fight easily scalable content with zero added value. So...


Somewhat yes if you configure in the GSC about the website or domain change.

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If your website is indexed but not getting impressions, consider optimizing your meta tags and content for relevant keywords. Ensure your website's content aligns with se...


Hey @binayjha, Guess I'm not the only one getting hit by Poland spam. Just thought I'd share. Thanks https://www.seroundtable.com/polish-google-analytics-referral-spam-36...


Okay, will do. Thanks for your suggestions. Appreciate it.


Not only by using robots.txt but also by trying other ways to block as indicated in the above link. As some bots overlook robots.txt.


Hi @binayjh, Thanks for the reply. So if I find the bad actor, simply block the IP via robots.txt?


It might be a bot traffic. Following link can help you, https://www.imperva.com/blog/9-recommendations-to-prevent-bad-bots-on-your-website/