my question is about google indexing. How to index website content using a search console? recommend me some best SEO tools as I am new in this field. Can someone help me...


Hello, I have the followings URLs which are indexed in GSC : https://mysite.com/thispath/beach (page 1) https://mysite.com/thispath/beach?start=20 (page 2) https://mysite...


Hi, My website is 9-10 months old I upload unique posts but google does not index my website properly. Even after a specific time google de-index my website blog posts (n...

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Hi guys, about two weeks ago we had a server down for two or three days (lot of 500 errors). Since then the organic rate has dropped significantly based on GA (55%) and s...


I have an ecommerce site with 1000's of products. Unfortunately a coding error inadvertently placed a canonical URL link into our product pages pointing to the base url...

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