Ammar Aziz

We can help you with this work and we assure you that you will be very happy with our work. To your best work, expand this website and find the rest of the information he...


Thank you, Binayjha Let me go thru this page. Regards.

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Too many redirects are harmful to SEO. Too many redirects make server slower. The inactive job posting pages should not be deleted. Keep the pages with a status like, &q...


This link might be helpful to you,


Hard 404 is like a hole. Something that was supposed to be there and it's missing. Regardless of Search Engines, it's bad user experience. You don't have to match the del...


According to my opinion, redirection of all 404 pages on to similar pages is an bad idea. The reason is that lets suppose many jobs are posted and deleted in a day. And w...


@Nora%20Smith%2022 Not sure what that is supposed to help with, only shows page & domain authority...