View other drafts Linking with a targeted window (nofollow) is a safe option. While NLA and ALA mentions boost local SEO, nofollow prevents potential link juice leakage a...

Thanks for observing the site and offering suggestions - yeah, leveraging automation could be a detractor to adaptability. In other words, depending on progression of ob...

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When a page is linked from another page of the same website it is called internal linking. When a web page is linked from another website it is called backlink.


To resolve the issue of directory sessions appearing in the old Analytics account, you need to create a separate Google Analytics property for the new sub-directory (abc....


There are two main approaches to SEO - manual and automated. Manual SEO is a personalized approach that works well for unique strategies and niche markets. Automated SEO,...


Thanks for the reply. Okay, nofollow is what I was thinking as well. In general though, do you feel linking out to certification sites is beneficial? Appreciate your inpu...


thank you.. can you give me an example please of internal linking and backlinks ?