Yes, According to the Google Guidelines, Google considered https & non https as an different URLs You need to redirect to make one i.e http => https Connect with m...


These sub-tabs are technically know as sitelinks. You need to create and upload sitemap.xml schema/rich snippet on your website. Sitelinks are auto generated by Google an...


Sorry @kailashhc misread your question. The only way you can affect social icons is: If you find a social profile in your Business Profile that isn’t related to your busi...

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You should really care what happens to those visits after the redirect. If they drop out immediately, there is no benefit to SEO in general. Imagine someone hitting your...


i am talking in case of on page seo. if 10K+ 301 every day is good or not


Hey Gaurav, leveraging your traffic is always very good idea, and your case is good example of that. However, as a user, I'd like to know that the page I am landing on is...


This link might help you, Please note: The image link provided is not showing the desired imag...


What are you saying, pal? This will remove complete google business profile listing. I just want 1 social media icon to remove... thats it