Hello, Thankyou for your response! > This trend is evident every year from middle of October to first week of January. Its totally depend on the niche, our industry is...


It looks the website has been hacked and external code has been injected. Check for it in Google Search Console's Security & Manual Actions. How I suspected so is, I...


It looks, site name has been assigned as Eyelash Serum in the WordPress setting section. Otherwise, you might require to contact your developer.

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Up and down in rankings are usual things in SEO. Do a competitor analysis adjust your pages accordingly and keep going. Search engines keep marketers always busy speciall...


We users take it as our duty to keep this platform clean. So, no need to mention it.


You should examine the pages' loading times because they may have an impact on their ranking and bounce rate.


Yes @ms, Online shop owners upload CSV file to update content of the pages in bulk. In case of top rankings you mentioned, there might be other factors at play. Like,age...


Thanks @binayjha seems the issue is the content. These are all product pages imported from merchant feeds into a product aggregator, so could be easily flagged as thin/du...


The link is still present there. Previously there were an author box below the article. In this, there were social icons. One of the icon had a link of your domain. View...