One of our client has confirmed SE traffic decline, due to affected ranking positions. No confirmation of that having something to do with the update in question though....


got some movement here and there, but if I didn't read this topic, I'd think it's all normal or almost normal but who knows anyway. do we know what exactly was this updat...

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Short update to my updated content on the site I bought 12 months ago: I updated the content one year ago, just about the time of my post here. SE traffic has increased b...


Nothing unusual in my stats. Seoforum went slightly up, otherwise same as always.


Register on Reddit, get familiar with it, find good subreddit for your needs, post valuable posts regularly and then think about backlinks. Posting links from new account...


That's a really helpful analysis. I need to digest what you've pointed out, go back to the drawing board, and see how we can improve on those areas. I've already got seve...


There are a variety of reasons. Backlinks are mostly irrelevant. The people who tout backlink profiles also happen to be selling services or software that performs that...