Broken links on my page!

by @fernando (114), 5 months ago

Hi, Folks! I got an issue and I need some help with this. I manage a real estate page and i have many 404 errors. This problem comes from a CRM that connects with wordpress and every time a name is updated in some property, new URLS are created that, with new updates, change again and the broken links are generated. My question: is there a script, plugin or other way to prevent these links from being generated and remove the ones that are already there?

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by @arshita341 (105), 5 months ago

They make for a bad user experience – When users click on links and reach dead-end 404 errors, they get frustrated and may never return. They devalue your SEO efforts – Broken links restrict the flow of link equity throughout your site, which impacts rankings negatively Mobile App development cost in bangalore

by @binayjha (2868), 5 months ago

Check the settings, something must be missing and even you might stop creating pages if you want. Look, if following link is helpful for you,


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