How to speed up the success rate of this SEO forum by 5x?

by @binayjha (788), 4 days ago

Making this platform content rich through blog postings. I am watching people are not posting blogs, just discussing a problem and then go away. In my view, admin should update the blog post guidelines for mutual benefits. What is your opinion or views?

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by @ms (2648), 2 days ago

Do you have more specific proposal?

Not sure what you mean, but we can't open blog posting for general public. That would mean 99,99% of blogs being spam (either hidden or all-out links).

by @binayjha (788), 16 hours ago

There shouldn't be any harm by inviting general public as a guest blogger and write on SEO or related topics. There can be a guideline and after approval only the guest posts should be published.

Or, in whatever way, if we can make this platform more content rich! Keep brainstorming. @ms

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