If you've recently updated your description, Google might not have crawled the page, or updated their index with your content. It can take time for Google to process the...


Get some backlinks and improve the domain authority. Meanwhile get some internal links from the keywords etc. to the category pages.


This might help you,

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You need to make sure that you have not put a no-index tag on these pages and also check whether you have not put a no-index tag in robots.txt.


Okay, thank you. What if I were to change the alt text for all images to the article title? Or a few meta keywords from the article? Would that be helpful? I think there...


There are numerous methods for obtaining quality backlinks, such as guest posting on highly authoritative sites and obtaining a do-follow link from them. Article submissi...


These warning messages are to not to loss the opportunities. If a link is assigned from images with alt attribute or text links with proper anchor text then it is fruitfu...


You need experience to effectively find the right places for backlinks.