Yes, external links, also known as backlinks, are an important factor in search engine rankings. Search engines like Google view backlinks as a signal of a website's cred...


The cost of local SEO in 2023 can vary widely depending on your location, industry, and specific needs. On average, small businesses may spend anywhere from $500 to $2,50...


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Please provide the URL to be checked.


The robots.txt file can serve the purpose. You can disallow the URLs with a fixed prefix. The indexed URLs can be removed by using the Google Search Console.


Getting zero impressions in online advertising or search engine results can occur for various reasons. It may be due to highly competitive keywords, insufficient budget a...


Yes, external links, also known as backlinks, are crucial for search engine rankings. They indicate trust and authority, show relevance to your content, generate traffic,...


I think everyone understands that the benefits of hreflang tags for SEO are undeniable. When Google understands the language and regional focus of your pages, it can rank...


Hi @binayjha Thanks for your reply, but I believe this tool only "filters" these pages/URLs from the results for 6 months. However, it might be worth attempting...