To increase website traffic, use SEO to improve search rankings, create engaging content, promote on social media, use email marketing, and collaborate with influencers....


I think you've got it right: "Google will simply ignore them" Those links are popping out all around and Google knows it so they do their best to ignore them.


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Once it has been resolved from developer's side, you need to tell Google using the GSC that issue has been resolved. Google will validate then reflect in GSC as fixed. Ot...


Google crawls all the files on the website server unless it is prohibited to do so.

Check if schema markup is correctly implemented in HTML, validate with Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, ensure sitemap submission, monitor Google Search Console for...


Let's understand these here,


There are several strategies you can use to start getting quality backlinks: Create High-Quality Content Guest Blogging Broken Link Building Social Media Promotion Collab...


Of course it will be amazing. But im just 16 years old student. I dont think that i can afford agency prices. I heard that giving to backlinks are better than giving to a...


Re: Local SEO

by @susmita (105), 5 days ago

One of the most effective tools for local SEO is Google My Business. Here's why it's crucial: Visibility on Google Maps and Search : Making it easier for potential cust...