According to my opinion, redirection of all 404 pages on to similar pages is an bad idea. The reason is that lets suppose many jobs are posted and deleted in a day. And w...


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@Nora%20Smith%2022 Not sure what that is supposed to help with, only shows page & domain authority...


@devikbalami Please use the community section for the help. Discuss it there with people, Google support will be forced to jump into it.

Nora Smith 22

I have already send the documents also. But still they denied it.


Support and the Google community can certainly help if you are ready to correct the mistakes made. It will be sor...


No, I have never blocked those bots. I never felt any harm in letting them give such SEO data.

Umair Ahmad

Here are the 10 best Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon with all relevant details like curriculum, fee, duration, instructors, and more. ... Digitrend. They are among t...