SEO Forums

by @mediamanoz (114), 6 months ago

How much help and benefit is usually derived by online forums such as here, or does it mainly get down to what the purpose of visiting the forums is? Like most, I know I'...

GC Paul

Google Penalty

by @GC Paul (12), 7 months ago

How do I check Google penalty without GSC access? Is any free website/tool on the web to check properly??


Hi Everyone! I need help on how to eliminate bad blogs targeting your company website in google search ranking. The situation is our main keyword is our domain name and t...


I read an article which said Twitter has removed nofollow from its links. My question is, in general does Twitter really boost your websites position in Google? I know pe...


For an ecommerce site, is it okay to redirect a page to a faceted URL/page?


We have UK, CA, and AU domains for many years and Google starts to rank our UK domain for brand name search on Google CA & AU since late May. When inspecting urls in...

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We're moving our Joomla site to Shopify. The Joomla website has the URL and Shopify currently has and once the migration is complete we'r...


I am a seo freelancer. I know seo details work. Some times I feel trouble about to get the latest updates or algorithm of seo or white hat seo. So anyone expert in here c...


Hello, A few of my pages are actually "Discovered - currently not indexed" in GSC. I have read about this status and also have checked the page on


I have observed a sudden traffic drop for my website Can anyone help me to find out the cause of the problem.