What will Happen to Ranked Pages When I Turn on Canonical Links

by @SEOPartsGuy (114), 7 months ago


I have a Magento 2 website, which has the Canonical Category and Product option Disabled.

According to Google Search Console currently I have over 86,000 URL's/Products that are not being indexed due to "Duplicate without user-selected canonical"

I am considering turning on the feature in Magento so it will create Canonical links the hope being this will resolve the issue with 86,000 url's not being indexed.

But my 2nd question on this is, what will happen to the products which are being currently indexed and have no Cano links, when all my products get them, will their rankings simply pass to the preferred Cano link instead?

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by @davidthomas (120), 7 months ago

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by @jaap (1667), 7 months ago

I would advice to turn them on. Duplicated content is a SEO killer. The crawl budget will be used more effective. Internal links will have more value.

It'll take some time, but then your rankings should go up.

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