Will below situation get caught by google and say I manipulate the Search Results?

by @seoquestions (114), 7 months ago

Let's say I rank "How to SEO" this keyword on Google page 1 with content on first domain (Legit way). And I use second domain to create 80% similar content with keyword "How to SEO"on page 1 too. What I am trying to do is occupy at lest two positions on page 1. Assume that two websites are on different hosting companies, different GSC & GA4 accounts, different domain providers.

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by @jaap (1667), 7 months ago

It's a proven way, we also use it. However 80% similar content is reasonable high. Try to reduce it.

At least use a different heading, meta description and tags. If you use images, make at least this onze unique for both sites.

Or check it with a duplicate content tool, if it can be traced.

Attempting to rank for the same keyword on two separate domains, even with slightly different content, is a strategy to secure multiple positions on Google's page 1. This involves using different hosting, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and domain providers for each site to avoid any association. The goal is to maximize visibility for the targeted keyword.

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