I have a news site about cryptocurrencies and things like that. I post content 2-3 times a week. New backlinks with good reference domains. Everything was going up as exp...


Traffic Spam

by @jonduv (285), 3 months ago

Hi there, A year or so ago, we acquired a company and joined the site by redirecting the majority of the pages to a post on our primary website explaining the merge. Over...


Unwanted traffic

by @jaap (1667), 3 months ago

A client of mine experienced a lot of bot traffic. I found the source is gammatraffic. How to stop this and block?


Anomalous traffic

by @Marcom (119), 6 months ago

One of my GA4 accounts trundles along with around 250 visits a day. Once a month, for the last 6 months one day around the middle of the month (not the same day) we get a...


My keyword ranked on the second page for a very long time how can I rank on 1st page?

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