Zohar Nevet

Hey guys, We have a "videos" section in a guides blog, under a commercial website. At first, we had the videos embedded through Youtube non-listed (over 18). In...


I have separate service pages for Melbourne and Brisbane with unique content, but the services are the same. Can Google penalize me for this duplicate content, even thoug...


My website page backlinks is 300 but page traffic is 0 or keyword showing only 5


SEO issue

by @michaelcrook (140), 1 month ago

Hello: I migrated my Blogger site to WordPress and I'm having issues with SEO. Until I migrated, I had it set so that search engines couldn't crawl my site. I changed t...


Hello: I recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress and I'm having trouble with SEO. My site's homepage is indexed and I'm showing at the top of the results for that....


Hi, I've been wondering why my website got at the turn of the year strange peak on organic traffic and now it dropped on the bottom. Can someone tell me what could be cau...

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Local SEO

by @WebBH (133), 1 month ago

What's your number 1 tool for local SEO.


Hello and thank you for your time and wisdom. Within my Google search console, under Indexing, I'm seeing random/spam URLs that are currently indexed. I would like to rem...


I have one backlinks which is already indexed in google but I make some changes in the content so my client want me to recrawl it by next 1 hour. We all know without GSC...


Question in short: Is there an SEO reason to not create a page with the same (or very similar) name as a category? Background: I have a travel blog with my partner dedica...