SEO Related Issues- Google Choose Different Canonical

by @renukarakoti8 (114), 3 weeks ago

Hello Guys,

We are facing an issue in our e-commerce website. Need your suggestions. The issue is google is picking different canonical and not the ones we have given. Hence, our main page is getting deindexed.

Main URL:- /sunglasses/gender/men

Google picking - /eyeglasses/gender/men

Please give your suggestions. We have checked content both of the page. Content is different any othe suggestions.

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When Google chooses a different canonical URL than the one you specified, it can indicate issues with duplicate content, unclear canonical signals, or improper use of the rel="canonical" tag. Ensuring consistent, authoritative signals across your website can help Google recognize and respect your preferred canonical URL.

by @ms (4012), 1 week ago

Would be helpful to see how you're using those link tags with rel=canonical attribute. Double check this page: to make sure you're doing it right.

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