Here is a comprehensive insight on how to fix it,


I wonder why don’t you like the CPanel so much? I really didn’t get your point. I’m not an expert in web design, so if you have anything better to offer, I’m open to hear...


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Pay attention to details. We had a similar issue and sometimes support can suspend a profile for a trivial reason.


Yes @CBC, My response is still the same.


I personally use Ahrefs so I don't block their bot, however I do block Semrush as I don't use it. Why allow it to consume my server resources just to give my competitors...


Thank you for your response. I hope you are correct, but let me give you more information. I live in Omaha and my office is in Ralston (suburb). My URL is ralstonchiropr...


The existing page can be optimized for the larger city area too. Use the suburb and main city name in page title etc. In addresses, wherever you use, mention the main cit...


Instead of all these you should create niche relevant forum backlinks for site authority and somehow to get some targeted traffic.