That looks like a bad idea and Google will trace and might not show up. Yes, it is a good idea to earn reviews by sending requests.


Of course, backlinks are very important for the site, but you should understand that it is not the quantity but the quality that matters. You have to understand that this...


I really like your approach. Quality content will always be at the top, so all the effort will be worth it. And no Google updates will not be afraid of it. I support the...

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hi, nofollow links help to diversify your backlink profile, which can be beneficial for your overall SEO. They can still drive referral traffic to your website. So they...


Wow! Feeling nice by such content on this platform. Please keep up the good work, Martin.


nofollow links are part of natural backlink profile. I you have thousands of inbound links and none of them are nofollow, it may smell fishy to Google.


Yes, it is good to have nofollow links too in terms of SEO. On a good DA/ PA site even if we succeed in getting our website URL mentioned without having any link then it...


Yes,it may show on top quires in google search console


Everything depends on the topic of the site, for example, for an online clothing store, a text of 3,000-3,500 thousand characters will be enough, and for an online store...

The debate between short and long content depends on the context and objectives. Sometimes, a concise and focused piece of writing can be more impactful than a longer one...