Will multiple domains from the same company rank for the same keyword search? Anyone can sharing your thought about this statement? Is that practise violates Google Poli...


Hi, I am a seo specialist with 3 years of work experience. Due to some family issues I took 2 Years of break from my career. And now I am planning to start my career agai...


Hey there, Junior SEO here so go easy! I've recently come across a mixed content issue with one of our clients - HTTP img files in the DOM. However, when I visit said uns...

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2 Days ago, my website was ranking on Google on 2nd position, on CDAP Digital Advisor, but now it's not, not even on the 10th page of Google. And if I re-arrange the keyw...


Hi there, I own https://cafesmokers.com website and I want to get more traffic on this site.

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