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OK I will have to spend some time to work out best way to impellent this I have around 500 sites and growing, all sites have unique ID's so I can know what a user has cli...


I cannot use the camp sites name as they will not all be unique. In fact I would try really (almost) anything to have good looking URL's. Not only for SEO but also UX....

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Wel with fewer than 10 installations on Wordpress it isn't the most populair option. Don't know the quality.


Thanks for info Recently I heard about the app NinjaSEO by 500apps. do you have any idea, how effective it is?


There are plenty of tools to choose from, free and paid. All with various options and the corresponding prices. I once made a small overview of both free and paid SEO too...


@bynext so backlink will harm the website ranking


If you have several alternate URLs targeted at users with the same language but in different locales, it's a good idea also to provide a catchall URL for geographically u...


Studies have shown that organic searches are 8.5x more likely to be clicked while paid search results are 1.5x more likely to be converted through the search engine. Ques...


Have you read about some new features introduced on Instagram and would like to know how to get them on your mobile phone? Well, suppose the parts in question have been o...