Hello, I have a page "Latest photos" which is being updated everyday. The page contains a list of photo entries and each photo has get their own page/link. htt...


I converted my React.js web application to Next.js architecture. Now my page uses Static pre-rendering and I have a single html file for each article after build, and I c...


Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue on our staging site regarding URL parameters. I only used one URL in the link we need help with but in truth th...


Hey guys, I am a newbie for the forum sites. I don't know how to create backlinks from forum sites without any spamming. thanks


Hi, I'm working on an e-commerce site to that will be selling jewellery and need a little help with how image SEO works. When adding a product with multiple photos, can...


hi. I have face one problem with my site post edit. when I click the update button after edit my post then shows me a message 403 forbidden. how can I solve this?

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Hey guys, I am currently working on a directory site and the pages in it are not getting indexed, google is deindexing many pages. I have uploaded multiple site maps sinc...


Hello, I have the followings URLs which are indexed in GSC : https://mysite.com/thispath/beach (page 1) https://mysite.com/thispath/beach?start=20 (page 2) https://mysite...


SEO Algorithm

by @TimTom (89), 2 years ago

Can any one explain what is SEO Algorithm, how we can understand to increase the web traffic


Hi, My website recently has increased significantly amount of page views (x5 daily, and non-stop since May), however, the unique pageviews metric didn’t increase. It caus...