Mar 31, 2022

Ways to track New Users without accepting cookies

shankar published thread Ways to track New Users without accepting cookies

In our site, we recently implemented cookies policy, that makes us to see only the data about the visitors in analytics, if they had accepted cookies, without their cookies concern we are not able to track their presence in Google Analytics.

Until the cookie is cleared in cache, if the same visitor comes to visit the site again, that time also we are not able to record their data in analytics.

our website link: 

Being GDPR Compliant about the cookies concern, we have setup recently consent tag setup for tracking the Goals & Events count in analytics.

Our Major problem here is we are not able to track the users who have not accepted their concern to cookies in Google Analytics platform. so it affects our visitors count. So your opinions, knowledge & answers regarding this issue, is much needed.

Mar 18, 2022

Website is not getting indexed:

shankar published thread Website is not getting indexed:

Hello everyone,

My website is

and have created many landing pages for SEO Purpose and keywords rankings improvement, but all these created landing pages were not getting indexed in Google, when looked in search console, it is showing that the pages are discovered by Google but not getting indexed.

Also earlier we had mobile usability issues in these landing pages, they have been solved. It had beed three months, since we have created these landing pages. So friends kindly share your valuable feedback regarding the indexing solving issues.




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