Which SEO method is better?

by @dcm (120), 1 year ago

Hi Every,

I have two seo marketing vendors, the first vendor is saying to work on focused 15-20 keywords and compared to second vendor is saying to work with 60-80 keywords altogether. So can anybody tell which would be the better option?

Regards Shruti

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by @ms (3786), 1 year ago

No, we can't tell...

... without context.

Some companies work with thousands / tens of thousands of keywords and it's perfectly fine. For a small business/individual, even 10 competitive keywords could be too many to start with.

by @smestreet (120), 1 year ago

SEO is an increasingly confusing and complicated space, but there are a few rules of thumb that you can follow to make sure your site's on the right track. Leading SEO companies outline two main points that are absolute no-nos:

by @ms (3786), 1 year ago

@smestreet you did tell us literally nothing at all.

by @binayjha (4444), 1 year ago

You should de-focus from primary keywords. Focus on secondary keywords too. This always bring better results for primary keywords. In this way, target 60-80 keywords instead of targeting only 20 primary keywords.

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