I wanted to know if it is correct to use Midjourney to create images for SEO purposes. I saw someone posted that Google doesn't like it. what do you think? Thank you


Traffic Spam

by @jonduv (170), 1 day ago

Hi there, A year or so ago, we acquired a company and joined the site by redirecting the majority of the pages to a post on our primary website explaining the merge. Over...


Google has indexed 5 posts and 6 web stories of my site. But I am not getting a single impression. Keyword targeting is very low in comparison and there are no technical...


I have a plumber's website that I want to promote in a certain city. I wanted to know if I open several services that I provide with the same city name, is it correct for...


A client of mine experienced a lot of bot traffic. I found the source is gammatraffic. How to stop this and block?


Hello, I need some insights! I'm working on a page called "Provence Map" (it's a French region) and I've hit a bit of a snag. The goal is to put an embed touris...

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Duplicate website

by @jo (114), 6 days ago

I lost my website eg: so i have created a new website with same content with IP address eg how can i change this to my old domain.c...


Dear SEOs! February is coming to its end already and we have some exciting news for everyone working on our platform, but specially for you – our users! This year will be...


My website and location pages seems to be losing ranking lately. Not being a seo expert, could someone have a look at my website and help me. I could really use some help...


Violation of the updated policy may result in the suspension of your access to Google Ads! Google Ads is updating its policy against misrepresentation, with an emphasis...