Why Google search Console showing this type of url in crawled section


Let's suppose my website is related to Real Estate company (you can check my website on this thread ) and I'm making backlinks on different niche website. Does it make se...


Hello, Could you help me with lists of sites for guest posts in the UK? For business and technology topics, I will be very grateful.


Hi all - I'm using a website that grades one's seo, and it's saying that has the heading 'why choose real estate finance group' twice, both as H1 and H...


Recently I have shifted my website from WordPress to Shopify. So far my blog is WordPress and it was a subdirectory But after shifting the site from WordPress to Shopify...



by @Flora (112), 3 days ago

How to build quality backlinks.....

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Website update

by @Emmy (133), 3 days ago

Looking for advice - I work for an IT recruitment company and we are updating our website. The website has been around for 30 years, but it's not very SEO optimized and n...


I have created publisher center account. account is verified and I can see my articles in dashboard also. But I am trying to get listed in Google News and non of my artic...


hello i have a website. I changed the title on this site, but when I search with the newly changed title, no results are found in serp. When I search for the old one, I c...


I found a lot of deleted product pages in Google Search Console, what should I do? there are thousands