Hi @Neha, Please provide the URL of your website to analyze the problem.


The MozCon conference is scheduled on August 7-9, 2023. For more details,

Dharmendra Meena

Thank you, guys :) I got my answer about what exactly I wanted to know. Thank you once again to all

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Using "click here" and "read more" as links can be helpful for users to understand the purpose of the link and where it will take them. However, it is...


Yes, you can use the same keywords in multiple articles, but it is important to use them in a way that is natural and adds value to the content. Keywords should be used t...


Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix issues with Google indexing your website: Check if your website is blocked by robots.txt: Make sure your website...


I think you just created backlinks for your homepage only, make more backlinks for other pages too and optimize them well for better results. Make sure you give a canonic...


Don't forget about importance of search intent in SEO, specially in 2023. Even good backlink profile won't be enough if your content doesn't perform.


Hi @adnan.koncept11, I analyzed it again and found the above suggested solutions are worth to get the desired results.


Yes exactly, I have followed all these best practices but still, the pages for which I have done keyword research and then optimized it are not ranking......Instead of th...