Niche= Travel, Investments, blogs, personal well being Age at least A year old Ranks= doesn't matter but would like to of had some traffic to the site


Black hat SEO does not follow guide line search engine. Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page's ranking...


Do you have any specific requirements? Niche, age, ranks... ?

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Hey @arpandesai, welcome to SEO Forum. Your post is fairly short, yet I managed to get lost right in the middle of it. Unrelated visits? What is that? Referral traffic fr...


I don't know. Personally, I wouldn't touch it. You don't need to sanitize every possible parameter and it's value. I can hit any site with ?p=whatever, yet it doesn't mea...


I guess I could forbid anything with "?p=" in htaccess. For the record, here's what I'm doing... let's see if this has the right effect (gotta wait for Google)....


Ah, yeah you're right... robots.txt will just stop Google from crawling the pages, but if someone, somewhere, is linking to these query string pages, Google thinks they'r...


Finally, we are working on it. First pages should air in less than two weeks.


Looks like your website traffic and keywords graph have gone up and then gone down and this may have happened because of some content issues on your website or low-qualit...


Hi @ms, thanks for your reply. With subdirectory based multisite I mean a multisite network where subsites are hosted in folders of the main site, like: